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Arts Award project 2019 - creating a film  

Presenting  our film    -   Heathlands   School's Deaf Film Festival


The KS3 students invited  schools to  their Heathlands  Deaf film festival.  This was  the premiere    of the film they had created, 'Signs of a Story: Lost and discovered'. They also chose  videos  that students in lower school had made and  invited the masterclass professionals. They organised the event at the Odyssey Cinema, St Albans and  gave each student a festival wristband and popcorn  they had prepared.

Film Leaders
Arts Award Framework
Inside the Odyssey cinema
Preparing the popcorn
Festival wristband design
Film leaders can now relax!


Well Done! Brilliant to see the young filmmakers of tomorrow

— Kerena Marchant, Head of Content, BSL zome (BSLBT)

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