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Heathlands School Media Projects

One of the KS3 attainment targets from the government’s computing programme of study is “Undertake creative projects that involve selecting, using and combining multiple applications, preferably across a range of devices, to achieve challenging goals…”       

DfE, September 2013 

Media projects involving video & film were introduced by the computing teacher through the curriculum, to develop creative thinking and enhance career choices in the Arts: media, computer gaming, animation, film production, lighting or sound design. This has now extended to KS4 qualifications. Teachers across lower and upper school also develop the children's digital literacy skills through animation, drama and video work. This creative learning is growing through subject-specific projects to now also be a source of teaching - empowering the creators and enriching the schools and students who use their videos to learn. Check our homemade English channel and our first Science project channel - 'Kitchen Chemistry'. Top secret for 2020-21: A second physics project is in the making and there is a new Arts Award project to share: We hope you enjoy our work so far!

KS3 Film
Signs of a Story: Lost & DISCOVERED

KS3 students' created this film as their Arts Award qualification, a new initiative this year to promote creative and critical thinking whilst learning new film-making skills. This includes Masterclasses from deaf film professionals who the students have researched as their inspiration. They organised a 'Deaf Fim Festival' where they screened this at the Odyssey Cinema, St Albans.The film was the finalist at National Young Deaffest Film Awards 2019.

arts award logo.png
To view this in a larger screen please  go to Arts Award page
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