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"SSL" behind the scenes  interview

Into Film's diversity  month

In November 2016 Into Film announced that our film would be featuring on their website as part of their "Diversity" month. Louis Neethling was interviewed about the project.  You can read the interview on the Into Film website, or click below for the link.

"It was a positive and empowering experience for them to see the possibility that they too might one day be a director, animator, make up artist, etc."


Media in the computing curriculum

There are no two ways about it  -  making a film, the whole production process, takes time (and patience, energy, discussion to name but a few). However, when the computing teacher wanted to embed the project in her lessons, there was a good range of assessment criteria both at KS2 and KS3 that were being covered by the project.  Yes, using software involves video editing, but using media in general and taking part in creative projects is part of the new, more flexible and more creative computing curriculum, which replaced the ICT curriculum in 2014. The assessment criteria and mapping can be read by clicking here.  

Lots of discussion & team work 

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