1. Lava Lamp

2. Soap in the microwave

3. Let's make Slime!


   Dry Ice

5.Crystal Snowflakes

7. Making Sherbet

 Impossible to burn paper

8. Fizzy Bombs

9. Elephant toothpaste

11. Erupt a Volcano

12. Film Canister rocket

10. Endothermic reaction

13. Glow in the Dark

14. Filling a balloon with CO2

16. Dry Ice

15. Naked Eggs

17. Blue Bottle

18. Rubber Chicken Bones

Great Deaf Chemical Kitchen Ambassadors

Please note:   All experiments have been provided as a resource for teachers, parents and students.  We recommend that an adult supervise children at all times when experiments are performed.  Heathlands School does not accept any liability for events that occur as a result of the experiments performed.