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About the projects
In this section of the website are a collection of recent media projects from both lower and upper school.  Some of our projects are explicitly cross-curricular, for example "The Enormous Crocodile" is a literacy project, the "Willow Newsround" is part of PSCHEE, learning to campaign. The "Stranger Danger" links to esafety and "The Great Fire of London" is a history project.  Some projects develop the children's digital literacy skills to animate, film, edit and/or subtitle their work, some enable the children to present ideas visually whilst developing drama skills and some focus on digital teaching and learning through personalised visual media.  
We are proud to say the "Herts Great Schools" project was a finalist in the Herts Advertiser School Awards, held annually. Some children represented the group at the Awards Ceremony on 28th June 2017  - what a lovely time they had!
We are again proud to say the 'Kitchen Chemistry' teaching channel  project AND the Arts Award 'Deaf Film Festival ' project were both finalists in the Herts Advertiser School Awards, Innovative Project of the year.
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